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Commence Fire!
PBO Corp. has collected civil war artillery since 1970. We (Bruce & Bernie Paulson) have fired these pieces all over the U.S.A. at army artillery ranges. We fire live ammo at long range into government impact areas.

We would like to thank the many cannoneers for faithful help in operating these pieces. I would also like to thank AOP for the taping of this live action. If you want to see a Gun, Howitzer, or Mortar fire, just click on, sit back, and enjoy the action.

Please note size and quality of picture and sounds have been reduced to load quickly on all machines.

  3 in. Ordnance Rifle
  20 pdr Parrott Rifle
  14 pdr James Rifle
  12 pdr Whitworth Rifle
  30 pdr Parrott Rifle (Front Pintle Barbette)
  30 pdr Parrott Rifle (Siege Carriage)
  12 pdr Navy Boat Howitzer
  12 pdr Mountain Howitzer
  32 pdr Field Howitzer
  8 in. Siege Howitzer
  24 pdr Coehorn Mortar
  8 in. & 10 in. Siege Mortar
  13 in. Seacoast Mortar
  13 in. Seacoast Mortar
  Night Firing