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All-Metal Gun Carriage Sea Coast
The barbette-carriage belongs to that class which has been denominated immovable. That is to say, it is used simply to fire the piece from, and not to transport it except for very short distances.

The barbette-carriage is used only in a fixed position in garrison, and is a carriage on which a gun is mounted to fire over a parapet instead of through it, as siege or sea-coast guns usually fire. A barbette-gun is any gun mounted on a barbette-carriage. There are but two forms of the barbette-carriage in the United States service:
  • One for the iron guns and sea-coast howitzers (12,18,24, 32,42-pdr. and 8 and 10-in.)
  • One for the columbiads.
These products must be shipped common carrier or picked up at PBO. Please contact PBO for freight costs and methods of payment. Sorry no credit cards for these items below.


Front Pintle Barbette

Front Pintle Barbette 24pdr

Front Pintle Barbette 30pdr Parrot

Front Pintle Barbette 100pdr Parrot

Center Pintle Barbette - 8 inch Rodman

Center Pintle Barbette - 150 pdr. Armstrong Rifle

Center Pintle Barbette - 10 inch S.C. Howitzer

Mortar - 13 inch S.C.

12 pdr, 18 pdr, 24 pdr, 32 pdr, 42 pdr, 8 in & 10 in

Steel Tube, Brass & Iron Casting

Steel Bolts, Nuts & Washers

Floor Plan & Track & Pintle Pin Supplied ( If Needed) If customer has pintle pin & track, PBO must be supplied with floor plan

All Parts Treated, Primed & Painted Olive Drabe & Gloss Black

Strapped To Pallet, Sent Common Carrier 8 Weeks Maximum

Length, 16 ft 3 in; Width, 67 in; Height, 72 in

Wt 3,500 lbs approx

1 Year

No Money Down, Payment in 30 Days After Receipt of Carriage

If you are interested in this product, Please contact PBO Corp. and be sure to include the size of the carriage and gun barrel. PBO will send you a price quote.

Thank You!

Bernard Paulson
PBO Corporation