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There are three gun carriages for the service of siege artillery, viz:
  • One for the 12-pounder gun and 4.5 Siege Rifle
  • One for the 18-pounder gun and 30 pdr Parrott Rifle
  • One for the 24-punder gun and the 8-inch howitzer

These carriages are similar to each other in their constructions, differing only in their dimensions and some were modified to fit other sizes. In mounting the 8-inch howitzer on the 24-pounder gun carriage, a quoin is used instead of the elevating screw, the howitzer being too short to rest on the screw.

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No. 1
Picture Coming Soon!
12 pdr Gun (Picture Coming Soon.)
No. 2 w/ 30 pdr Parrot
No. 2 w/ 4.5 Rifle
No. 3 w/ 8 in Howitzer
No. 3 w/ 24 pdr Gun

Siege carriage body and wheels:
1. Cast with marine 115 aluminum. Visible cast seams are acceptable.
2. Wood grain visible on areas replicating wooden parts. Electrostatically applied powder coat followed by pigmented powder overcoat. Areas representing wood parts coated olive drab. Areas representing iron hardware and fasteners scuffed with 220 grit and then painted with oil based gloss black.
3. Steel axle.
4. All aluminum castings have water drain passages, in inconspicous locations.
5. Elevation screw box (painted a brass color) is an integral part of the casting.
6. Elevation screw is machined aluminum.
7. Wheels are solid aluminum and machined to fit the axle arm with precision.
8. The finished carriage shell will be capable of resisting effects of weather in an unprotected outdoor environment.
9. Solid axle tensile strength can withstand 70,000 pounds per square inch.

Hardware and fasteners:
1. Hardware will be aluminum or steel. Fasteners will be steel.
2. Visible fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers) and hardware to be based on "Mordecai Standards".
3. Steel hardware to be fabricated from hot-rolled carbon steel plate and rod.
4. Steel hardware painted with primer and finished with oil based gloss black top coat.
5. All linchpins and cap square keys have cross holes to secure from vandalism. All fittings, attachment points, and tool brackets will be functional for their intended use, and will be resistant to vandalism and theft.
6. Includes brake chain with shoe, to be hung on the left cheek.
7. Vendor stocks replacement parts for damaged hardware and fasteners.
8. Barrier coating placed between steel and aluminum so that no galvanic corrosion will take place.
9. For 30-pdr Parrot with cross hole in cascabel, a special side crank elevation screw is used in place of the standard elevation screw for there is no preponderance. This screw crank assembly is non functional and will secure the barrel in place.