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After the disaster at Bull Run, President Lincoln put out a call for 300,000 more men for service. The Rochester Union Grays, a New York Militia regiment at the time, answered the call. Recruiting was done by John A. Reynolds, Edwin Loder and Charles Anderson, and men from Monroe, Ontario and Wayne counties flocked to the recruiting offices to join the artillery regiment.

On October 8, 1861, 81 men and officers swore an oath to the Union and were mustered into federal service while stationed in Elmira, NY. Under the direction of the State of New York, twelve artillery companies were formed with Reynolds. Battery given the designation of Company L. They transferred to Albany on November 14, the training ground for all NY State Artillery, having reached full strength of 115 men. On November 23, 1861 Company L reported for duty at Camp Barry, Washington, D.C. under the command of Captain John A. Reynolds. John Reynolds used his own personal funds as a guarantee to secured the first six Model 1861 3. Ordnance Rifles from the Phoenix Iron Works. These guns would not arrive until May 1862, but would bring a great deal of fame for Reynolds. Battery as being the only battery in US Service to have the first six consecutive guns in any series of any cannon in their battery. On February 23, 1862, Reynolds. Battery was assigned to Baltimore, Maryland to guard the Capital. After six months of waiting, they were called into action at Harper.s Ferry.